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Daily Rate:
1 GBP = 1.1289 EUR
Last update: 15/10/2018 Note that this rate could be subject to changes.

To obtain the details to effect a transfer from your English bank account into your Banco Santander Totta account please Contact Us indicating your full name, Portuguese Branch and Portuguese Account Number, or visit our branch from 9.30am to 4pm.

If the funds reach our account by 4pm, they will be credited to your Portuguese bank account on the same day after 10pm.

This transfer service is for personal accounts only and is free of charges.

Search Portuguese Branches here

Visit here the portuguese website 

Deposits held at Banco Santander Totta benefit from a reimbursements guarantee, provided by the Deposits Guarantee Fund whenever there is non-availability of deposits due to reasons directly related to its financial situation. The Deposits Guarantee Fund guarantees reimbursement up to the maximum amount of 100.000 euros for each entity making deposits. See pdf for further information

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